Why it is Important to get COVID-19 Testing after Vaccination

Early Detection Is Key

As COVID-19 Omicron spreads around the country, we’re seeing a spike in illnesses, even among those who have been fully vaccinated. As cases rise, so do testing requests. We outline when to get a COVID-19 test, which kind to use, what to do if you can’t get one, and why it’s still important to get tested after being immunized and boosted.

In general, you do not need to be tested even after exposure for COVID-19 if you do not have any symptoms and are fully vaccinated. For instance, 14 days after your Pfizer or Moderna dose or 14 days after your single J&J dose. Vaccinated individuals in certain settings, such as healthcare and frontline workers, should undergo a COVID-19 test.

Why It Is Important to Get Tested?

It is advisable that you test for COVID-19 even if you are fully vaccinated or have symptoms of the disease. If you have symptoms of COVID-19, please isolate yourself until you have test results and are clinically evaluated. For testing locations, visit the Culminate Care website to check the Covid testing locations in Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, or Bremerton. In Southern California and Washington, Culminate Care offers COVID-19 testing for free or at a low cost. To stop the spread, get tested even if you have been vaccinated.

COVID-19 patients can suffer from a wide range of symptoms. Following exposure to the virus, symptoms such as fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, or difficulty breathing may appear, as well as new symptoms such as losing the sense of taste and smell. For more information, please consult your physician. We’re trying to make it easy and affordable for everyone to get tested. For people living or working in the Southern California and Washington areas, Culminate Care offers Covid testing locations. Get tested as soon as possible if any of these situations and/or symptoms apply to you.

  1. Before gatherings and events, and at least three days after, test unvaccinated individuals.
  2. In case of high-risk events or gatherings of multiple households, you should get tested.
  3. Suitable as a screening tool for institutions, events, crowded workplaces, and/or churches.
  4. It should be performed prior to and following an international or domestic journey. All travelers who are not vaccinated should get the test one or three days before they leave. The symptoms of COVID-19 can occur regardless of vaccination status.
  5. Even if no symptoms are present, you may have been exposed to COVID-19 or might have recurring concerns.

It is possible to perform testing quickly and easily. All residents of Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, or Bremerton have access to different types of Covid tests at different Covid testing locations. People who have no symptoms of infection, as well as those who display symptoms such as trouble breathing, fever, sore throat, or a loss of taste and smell, should be tested for SARS-CoV-2 to help prevent the spread of the virus. Testing can save lives by identifying people who should be treated in a timely manner. Getting a positive test early in the disease process allows people to isolate themselves, reducing their chances of spreading the disease to others and allowing them to seek treatment earlier, which likely can reduce disease severity and the risk of long-term disability or death.

COVID Testing Types Offered

COVID-19 tests are divided into two main types. In Southern California and Washington, Culminate Care offers antibody testing and PCR viral testing options to patients.

  • Rapid Antigen Tests determine whether you have an existing infection based on the latest COVID-19 test. Swabs are taken from the mouth or the nasopharynx.
  • PCR tests, also known as  molecular tests, can easily identify whether you are infected with the Coronavirus. This is generally performed by swiping the mouth, nose, or throat.

Prescriptions are not required for at-home Covid-19 tests in Southern California and Washington. When you perform the COVID-19 test at home, any positive result indicates that you have the disease. A PCR test is not required to confirm. If your test result does not specify whether you’re infected or not, isolate yourself for six to 12 hours and repeat the test. The next time you’ll hopefully see a more distinct line.

Covid-19 Tests in Los Angeles County, Southern California & Bremerton, Washington

Culminate Care Southern California and Washington pharmacies and clinics offer COVID-19 testing. If you are looking to purchase at-home Covid-19 tests in Southern California and Washington, you can order them from our website. Our resources and Covid testing locations are updated regularly, and new kits will be added as they become available.

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