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Tailored solutions

Practices and medical groups all come in different structures and sizes. In order to suit your needs, our team of experts bring your practice a full-array of solutions that can be tailored to your needs. Our services and solutions which can be customized, allows you to fully commit to your patients’ health and wellbeing and perform utmost care. Provide care at peace of mind.


Our specialities

Billing and revenue cycle management

In order to build a sustainable practice for our partners, our claims management experts provide services such as, prompt claims processing, adjudication, participation in claim audits by health plans, manage & report patient encounter data to health plans, etc. Our team of analysts are also trained to seek out gaps in care and develop customized plans for increased revenue streams.

Technology Management

Implementing innovative types of technology to create better healthcare solutions, our technology department offers services including remote patient monitoring (RPM), electronic medical records (EMR) initial set-up and management, technical support for your practice to focus on better care of your patients.

Business development

In addition to building a sustainable practice with you, at Culminate we go a step further, assisting partners in continuously expanding strategic relationships with health plans and hospitals. We seek new opportunities for our partners in forming synergetic alliances with competitors to increase profits and remain competitive. To bolster our efforts of building new relationships for your practice, we have a whole team of experts also engaging in marketing outreach strategies with our BD team hand-to-hand.

Network Management

For bigger medical groups, professional management of your physician network is a key to a successful and sustainable practice. At Culminate, we support daily operations of the physician network including regular interaction with physicians and staff, partner leadership and health plan along with support services in contracting as well.

Operational management

On top of sustaining your practice with better revenue streams and stable network management, we provide operations support for your practice, such services as physician and patient enrollment, regulatory compliance, credentialing, fee schedule review, reimbursement analysis, medical records maintenance, physician and patient grievance & appeals system, liability insurance and reinsurance review, claims recovery/subrogation, human resources support, etc.

Marketing services

In addition to building a sustainable practice with you, at Culminate offer comprehensive marketing solution and advanced outreach strategies to help grow your practice and generate a steady flow of new patient leads.

Our solutions are not to rebuild, but to gather our teams’ expertise in mainstream healthcare and support your practice’s change in the most optimized way.

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